Ritual. A Guide to Life, Love and Inspiration



"Ritual. A Guide to Life, Love and Inspiration" is an inspired book. And we might end our review here. Becasue the book itself will talk to the readers, taking them on a journey inside the ritual. Emma Restall Orr guides us with her fascinating style inside the deep meaning of the structure of the ritual and gives us the tools to create ours as the best expression of our creativity and inspirtation.


From a first part where is outlined the environment where the ritual has to be implanted, to the actual illustration of the way the different ceremonies are celebrated during the celtic year, the author let her words run freely on the pages like many small living beings, each of them having its own story but telling a different one all together.

The book can be read on a number of different levels. The phrases are simple yet loaded with deep meanings at the same time, like a sharp caress, Phrases that move, that bring to our memory the duty to reconnect with the sacred world that is the natural world as a whole.

THis is the second book of Emma Restall Orr that has been translated, and it was written 10 years ago. It is therefore ammazing how modern it is, just as ever. The respect that emerges, for yourself, for the places, for the ancient ones, for the memory, for the living beings,

Terra del Sacro Bosco Publishing, € 18,99

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