Nel Grembo di Diana 2013

A magical camp at the site of the ancient Temple of Diana Nemorensis, this is the program for 2013:

Saturday 10 August

  • Arrival and Reunion
  • History of the site of Nemi and visit – Giulia
  • Lighting the Sacred Fire

Sunday 11 August

  • Connection with the Elements on the Druidic Path – Hagal
  • The Power of the Voice and of Singing in charging Symbols, Talismans and Intention in the Craft - Laura Vatta
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel

Monday 12 August

  • Practical Eclectism: designing, crafting and using tools in Eclectic Magick  – Erika
  • Introduction to the Shamanic work in the World Below – Vanth
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel
Tuesday 13 August
  • Sign, Sound and Symbol: the secret whispers  of the Runes - Ddrwydd
  • Towards the Moon: an eclectic approach on theory and practice in opening and mantaining the spiritual relationship with the goddess Diana – Erika
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel

Wednesday 14 August

  • The History of the Runes – Monty
  • Yoga and Dance in the Eclectic path – Erika
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel

Thursday 15 August

  • The Meaning of the Mistery Tradition – Vanth
  • Reawakening the Ancient Cults and Working with the Spirits of the Place – Panel
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel
Friday 16 August
  • Diana Aricina – Giulia
  • Introduction to the Shamanic work in the World Above – Vanth
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel
Saturday 17 August
  • Virbio and Rex Nemorensis – Giulia
  • Practical Use of the Runes – Monty
  • Male Roles, Female Roles – Panel
Sunday 18 August
  • Extinguishing the Sacred Fire
  • Departure

We will camp on site: each participant shall have his or her own tent and sleeping bag; on top of this, each one of you shall have his own dish, glass, fork and knife so as not to use plastic disposable items in an oasis of beauty and peace.
It is recommended that you have a hat of some sorts, to protect you from the sun, high SPF cream, mosquito repellants and a water canteen.
You will also need, for the activities we are going to have, a bandana to cover your eyes, a yoga mat or a blanket to lay yourself down and your own drum or rattle.
If you want to bring other musical instruments, they will be gladly accepted.
The cost includes the renting of the tent place, all meals and activities and we have the following packages available:

Whole Camp (10/18 august): 320 euro per person
Half Camp (10/14 or 14/18 august): 175 euro per person
Weekend (10/11 or 17/18 august): 100 euro per person
Single Day (only meals and seminars, no sleeping): 50 euro per person.
Children under 10 years of age are free of charge.

To confirm your registration, please sen an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it together with the receipt of the payment of an advance fee of 50 euros (not refundable in case you decide not to come) on the post account 71760615 (ABI 7601-8 CAB 3200-3 IBAN IT78 K076 0103 2000 0007 1760 615) intestato a: Associazione Culturale Pagan Pride Italia - Via Giuseppe Bagnera 51 00146 Roma